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We help you prioritize your needs and find your family qualified and appropriate Home Chefs. We will then walk you through the selection process, hiring and trial period, salary negotiations, and any other issues that may arise.

We expect our Home Chefs to:

Be Available at All Times

They are often required to be on-call, and sometimes even travel with the family, even on holidays, business trips, manning the grill at a backyard cookout, or cooking a chic multi-course meal for a fancy dinner party.

Become an Integral Part of the Family

As families are dynamic and very personal, we expect our Home Chefs to win your trust, and protect the sanctity of the family. Diets and other nutritional needs are to remain private.

Understand the Dietary Needs and Allergies of the Family

Our chefs will pay attention to what the family enjoys eating, introduce new dishes, and heed the health of the family's dietary needs, including a list of foods and ingredients that they are allergic to.

Managing the Kitchen and Pantry

Home chefs are required to manage the kitchen at all times, including doing all the shopping for the week and monitoring the inventory of the fridge and pantry.

What We Do

What We Expect of Our Providers

Home Chefs

Home Chefs

Our Chefs

Mia Herrera

Mia Herrera

Nanny, Housekeeper, Baby Nurse, Chef, Personal Assistant, Driver

Hi my names Mia Herrera and I have been a nanny/ personal assistant for 6 years. I have loved every moment and every family I’ve been blessed with. I enjoy teaching but also have learned so much from each family! Working with kids has always been my passion. I am so excited to continue this journey!

Alondra Quintero

Alondra Quintero

Nanny, Housekeeper, Chef, Driver

I am a very positive person and someone who likes to do his job with a lot of dedication and love

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