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Yanira I Orellana

Nanny, Personal Assistant

I have been a private service worker. Being part of the solution to the many challenges of a family is what drives me to learn day by day. Through the several years I have developed enthusiasm to provide the service to the highest.\

Education & Training

High School

Thomas Jefferson



Special Training

The Essentials of Household and Estate Management - Peter VanRider

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Performance Arts

Other Interests

Yanira I Orellana

Family Name

Cassies Cardinals

Apr 1, 2021


Mar 1, 2023

Job Description

Home setup in preparation for Principal and children arrival and departure, picking up traveling staff and pets from the airport, assisting with the care of three children, tidying up around the house, household pet’s care and veterinary visits, light cooking, pantry stocking, assisting with household events: Decorating; purchasing decorations, cake, food and games for the events, researching and managing new vendors, wardrobe organization and care, insuring that family’s vehicle is cleaned and sanitized, keeping family devices charged, managing turndown, traveling with the family, packing and unpacking for family traveling, assisting the Principal with assigned projects and handcraft projects, preparing snacks and refreshments for the Principal, flower arrangements and gift wrapping.

Reasons for Leaving

Family moving out of state.

Family Name

Knight Law Group

Mar 1, 2019


Nov 20, 2020

Job Description

Assisting with the needs of a two and a five year old children and both Principals. Assisting with purchasing children’s clothing, shoes, toys scheduling and planning for playdates; searching, hiring and paying services for children’s sports instructors; setting up medical appointments; driving family members to and from medical appointments; picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy; ordering, picking up and serving meals; coordinating and scheduling house calls for personal hair stylist and pedicure; running errands; bill paying; handling Outlook and Google calendars; packing for traveling, grocery shopping and restocking at principal’s home and office; agenda reminders; checking, ordering, and re-stocking wine and hard liquor supply; on-line and in person purchases and returns; clothing and other items shopping; gift wrapping and delivering for all occasions; flower arrangements; assisting with home and office events; scheduling for bringing to and taking back family’s pet from grooming boutique and veterinary appointments; walking pet.

Reasons for Leaving

Company re-structured.

Family Name

Ed Santiago

Apr 3, 1990


Jan 2, 2018

Job Description

Overseeing needs of a five year old child: Child school monthly payments and other school related expenses and contributions; picking up child from school and taking to after school activities; child clothing, toys and other personal needs purchasing; making child support monthly payments, feeding the child while at the office, assisting child with homework, making sure that child surrounding was safe and that child took naps during the afternoon; paying tutors fees when needed.

Reasons for Leaving

New job oportunity

Job Experience

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