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Ximena Mills


I am Ximena. I am very happy ,proactive, responsible, punctual, and protective of the children .
I like to help in the good development of the kids , teach them good manners and habits because they are the future of the world.
Help the family so their lives will run smooth.

Education & Training

High School

Santo Domingo de Guzmán.Quito/Ecuador.


IBM Computer School.
Computer Programmer.

Special Training

Swimming clases

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Cook different types of food.

Ximena Mills

Family Name


Nov 5, 2011


May 21, 2016

Job Description

Full charge of the baby girl, and later on of her brother 5 months old .
I prepared their meals, and snacks, did their laundry, keep them active, teach them a good manners, helped them to developed, drove them to activities, and organized their bedrooms.
And travel with the family comercial and international.

Reasons for Leaving

Family member got sick.

Family Name


Jan 13, 2009


Jun 30, 2011

Job Description

Both of the parents went to work all day. I have a full charge of the girls. I took them for walks , make them play inside of the house and in the backyard, did activities, art projects. I was careful with their food because they had a peanut allergy. Cooked their meals , did their laundry, organized their bedroom, took them to music class, and got them ready for bed.

Reasons for Leaving

My boss lost her Job.

Family Name


Jun 13, 2006


Dec 30, 2008

Job Description

I was a nanny, lite housekeeper, house assistant I took care of the 8 yrs old girl, 16 and 17 yrs old boys. Took them to school, to activities, hobbies as nesessary. Run house errands, helped to prepared dinner,.
Also I worked with them from 2000 to 2004 taking care of the kids, and travel comercial and international with the family and the crew in a profesional tour.

Reasons for Leaving

Family decided to change their help.

Job Experience

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