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Vanessa Hernandez


My name is Vanessa Hernandez, I have been working as a nanny for a little more than 15 years. I enjoy working with children of all ages. I love being able to see them grow into wonderful little human beings. I'm responsible and reliable and well-organized.

Education & Training

High School

Glendale High


some college
* Glendale community college

Special Training

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training



Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

being outdoors

Vanessa Hernandez

Family Name

Beaupre Family

Jan 1, 2007


Aug 1, 2009

Job Description

Provided newborn care for a 3day old baby boy including feeding, diaper changing,
and sleep training, bathing. While also caring for his 2 1/2-year-old sister.
Specialized in generating engaging and educational activities. Multitasking cooked,
cleaned, played transporting children to Daycare and activities. Carefully followed
the parent's instructions regarding schedules, chores, discipline, and free time.

Reasons for Leaving

unfortunately, the family moved to portland.

Family Name

Gray Family

Jan 1, 2012


Jul 1, 2017

Job Description

Provided daily care for a 3-month-old baby boy and his 5-year brother. Worked
alongside mother at a job location. Provided toddler meal prepping and worked
alongside mother with the sleep schedule. Encourage social interactions and
provide a stimulating learning environment. Caring for children over weekends,
breaks, and evenings. Specialize in creating engaging and educational activities.

Reasons for Leaving

The youngest boy started school full-time.

Family Name

Newman Family

Sep 1, 2019


Apr 29, 2022

Job Description

Provided a loving environment for two little girls ages 3 months and 4 years old.
Promoted language development skills through music and reading. Organized
activities that enhanced children's physical and social skills. Created interesting
home learning activities such as arts and crafts. Prepared healthy lunches and
snacks. Helped prepare the oldest child for kindergarten. Safely transported children
to school and extra curriculum activities.

Reasons for Leaving

The youngest child started school full-time.

Job Experience

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