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Sharyn Johnson

Nanny, Personal Assistant

My name is Sharyn & I’m from Sydney Australia. I have lived in LA since 2003. I’ve been a nanny for 30 years & a Personal Assistant for 20 in both countries . I have been doing animal Rescue work for 10 years, saving many lives .

Education & Training

High School

Bidwill High School


Sydney University

Special Training

University of Sydney - Child development.
Volunteer for Hope for Paws, Dexter Foundation, Doggie Bonz rescue . Independent rescuer .

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training

Animal rescue Training , FBI security training .


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Performance Arts

Other Interests

Beach , Dogs , Interior Design, travel , reading .

Sharyn Johnson

Family Name


Apr 7, 2003


Oct 23, 2015

Job Description

4 children , pick up from school, sports & dance practice. Homework, meals , errands , photo archives & Albums. Driving , doctor & vet appointments, travel plans, booking vendors , online ordering. Managing house staff .

Reasons for Leaving

Children Grew up & went to college , I still help out sporadically.

Family Name

Jessica Simpson

Oct 26, 2015


Feb 28, 2020

Job Description

Nanny / personal Assistant
Travel , Daily swimming , field trips, meals, bottles , doctor appointments, avoiding paparazzi, scheduling travel & appointments, driving , scheduling vendors , sleepovers . Packing for trips . Working with security team .

Reasons for Leaving

The commute from Baldwin Hills to Hidden Hills for years got too much & I started my part time Dog walking business.

Family Name


Mar 2, 2020


Job Description

Nanny / personal assistant to Kendras business ( she’s the founder of Braintrust )
Pick up from school , homework , drive to piano / swim . Projects , working with clients to get their products out to the public , gift boxes . Scheduling vendors , Dr & vet appointments. Travel & helping with events . Meals . Packing for travel .

Reasons for Leaving

Still present but the family are moving to Vegas in June .

Job Experience

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