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Sara Zentner


I have a preference for young learners.
I like to work as a parents allies, collaborating together toward the well-being of the children, also I am responsible, multitasking, organize, creative, etc.

Education & Training

High School

Instituto Canossiano


BA in Psychology, UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1994

Special Training

Yoga Teacher, New York, United States

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests


Sara Zentner

Family Name


Jun 13, 2022


Jul 28, 2023

Job Description

Full-time Nanny
Age of the children upon hire: 9 month old
Introduce personal habits, eating healthy vegetarian diet, resting and toilet training.
Transport and escort to doctors appointments and outings to activities.
Teach English and Spanish.
In charge of keeping the child’s rooms and clothes tidy.
Preparing and organizing trips.

Reasons for Leaving

Reason for leaving: The family relocated.

Family Name


Apr 28, 2022


Jun 12, 2022

Job Description

Temporary, 24 hours, 4 days a week, Rota-Travel Nanny
Age of the children upon hire: 9 months- 1 years old
Responsable 24 hours of 2 children.
Meal planning and preparation.
Maintenance closets, bedroom and play area.
Accompany and Organize travel luggage.
In charge of transport to activities and educational outings.

Reasons for Leaving

Reason for leaving: Short Contract.

Family Name


Oct 12, 2020


Dec 2, 2021

Job Description

Full-time, Rota-Travel Nanny
Age of the children upon hire: 10 month old
The center of my focus was introducing personal habits and a balance schedule.
I planned, shopped and prepared meals.
Responsible of travel planning and packing.
Travel with the family.
I escorted doctors visits, activities and trips.
I took care of child play area, bedroom and closets.
I introduced english and spanish in addition of yoga, sports, arts and crafts.

Reasons for Leaving

Reason for leaving: I relocated.

Job Experience

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