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Samantha Brananduge

Personal Assistant, Driver

Hi my name is Sam Brananduge, I have over 25 years of experience has a Housman, driver, facility and house manager. I have worked with a lot of confidential clients and I also am a great team player.

Education & Training

High School

Christian Missionary College of Colombo


Colombo, Sri Lanka
1984 - 1985

Special Training

U.S. NAVY Air Facility Maintenance Technician.

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Samantha Brananduge

Family Name


May 5, 2013


Nov 15, 2015

Job Description

I ran errands (appointments and confidential meetings, took care of minor repairs throughout the house, and worked with venders until their job was finished. I was the House Lead man.

Reasons for Leaving

House renovations

Family Name

Rick Abraham

Feb 8, 2004


Mar 22, 2007

Job Description

I was a facility manager, driver, and houseman

Reasons for Leaving

Over staffed

Family Name

Will Smith

Apr 8, 2007


Jul 5, 2009

Job Description

I was in charged with all the house amenities inside and out (Pool, Spa, Movie Theater, ETC.) Daily inspections and maintenance of the control system all the around the property including daily Wine cellar check up.

Reasons for Leaving

The family moved out of country

Job Experience

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