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Rustica Colato


Dedicated professional with 15 years of hands-on experience caring for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Committed to fostering positive development and creating enriching experiences for each child. A goal-driven individual with a nurturing and energetic approach, equipped with exceptional socia

Education & Training

High School

Evans Community Adult School


Santa Barbara Community College

Special Training


Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training



Other Interests

Rustica Colato

Family Name

Dow family

Jun 21, 2021


Aug 25, 2023

Job Description

Engaged in nurturing the child's growth and development over two years, starting when the infant was just one year old. Actively participated in the child's daily activities, including accompanying him to gym, music, and art classes. Created memorable outdoor experiences by visiting libraries, parks, and arranging playdates, acknowledging the significance of socialization in a child's developmental journey.

Reasons for Leaving

The toddler entered pre-school at full-time range.

Family Name

Byrne family

Sep 23, 2019


May 28, 2021

Job Description

Provided attentive care for 18 months, commencing when the baby was a mere 3 weeks old. Attuned to all aspects of the infant's needs, fostering indoor and outdoor engagement through playing, reading, singing, going for walks and practicing tommy time.

Reasons for Leaving

The child entered daycare at a full-time range.

Family Name

Corrick family

May 16, 2016


Jul 20, 2018

Job Description

Cared for the child for over three years, starting when they were just six weeks old.
Facilitated a range of enriching activities, from park visits and gym classes to
swimming and soccer lessons. Implemented sleep training, potty training, and
encouraged healthy eating habits. Organized playdates to bolster socialization and
holistic development

Reasons for Leaving

The family moved states.

Job Experience

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