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Monica Sanjines Monje

Nanny, Housekeeper, Baby Nurse, Personal Assistant, Driver

My name is Monica. I'm 36 years old, I’ve been working as a nanny for around 10 years.
During this time my objective was to make connections with children and their families. I'm a person who is committed to providing the best of myself in the job with respect and professionalism.

Education & Training

High School

Canadian Institute (La Paz-Bolivia)


San Andres University ( La Paz - Bolivia)

Special Training

CPR for Adults and Infants
Completed a 12 hours RIE Certified Curses for Nannies

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Performance Arts

Other Interests

Monica Sanjines Monje

Family Name

Ghina Morad

Dec 27, 2013


Jan 15, 2015

Job Description

My job in this family was to be an extra hand for their parents 'cause both work.
Prep meals
Drive to the school and activities ( the most important thing)
Helping with bath/shower time
Reading books

Reasons for Leaving

The program Au pair in America let us to stay for a year with a family and I finished that commitment

Family Name

Colgan Family

Jan 20, 2015


Feb 7, 2020

Job Description

My job with this family start been a full time nanny of the youngest.
Preparing her food, snack, taking to her activities and always have bath time.
I help with the oldest ones too but their were at the school since 9-2
After that time, i should to stay with them until 5pm
with this family, the mom requested I did all the shopping for the food and cooked and to make sure the kids were involved with that and clean up

Reasons for Leaving

The kids all started school full time and they no longer needed a full time nanny

Family Name

Fein Family

Apr 11, 2023


Jun 15, 2024

Job Description

I was full time nanny
Prep meals since the breakfast until dinner
Prep smothies and some veggan food
Tidy up the rooms of the kids
Make some activities like drafs, coloring and reading
Help with bath or shower time.

Reasons for Leaving

They moved to NY

Job Experience

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