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Maria Xcareth Renteria Jimenez

Nanny, Personal Assistant

Educated and experienced nanny. Strong believer in Montessori and Waldorf style of learning methods (not an expert but love learning about this and anything related to fostering kid’s curiosity). I’m very energetic, playful, always interested in doing fun and creative activities with the kids.

Education & Training

High School

Cervantes Loma Bonita (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)


Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)
Bachelor of Business Administration and Business Strategy

Special Training

Volunteer: Fundación HACE helping with kids with autism, taking care of them / playing while parents would take a conference / class

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training

CPR need to renew / Planning on attending a Doula Postpartum Class first week of may


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Performance Arts

Other Interests

I love Reading, Interior Design

Maria Xcareth Renteria Jimenez

Family Name

Paola Vidal / Omar Williams

Feb 6, 2023


Mar 31, 2023

Job Description

• Provide customized and personalized childcare for their children in their home. • Organization skills to create a daily schedule that encompasses all the activities the parents want their children to attend • Problem-solving skills to be able to successfully deal with everyday issues that inevitably occur • Administers one-on-one care and meets the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs of the children. • Contributes to a safe, caring, nurturing, and stimulating environment in which the children thrive and develop. • Follow all day schedule according to age: Play time, reading, meals, MyGym, nap times, going for walks, to the park, etc.

Reasons for Leaving

I started working with them cause mom got a new job, unfortunately she didn't stay there so she couldn't afford childcare anymore but we made a great relationship/friendship

Family Name

Apar & Jason Gupta

Jan 28, 2022


Oct 28, 2022

Job Description

I worked: Monday-Friday 6.5 hrs x day (7am-10:30am and 4:30pm-7:30pm) Saturday and Sunday 12 hrs x day (7am-7pm) In the mornings I was with the 6 month old baby (eating, playing, putting to sleep, etc) and helping with light housework when the baby is napping (vacuuming, keeping the kitchen clean, washing the family's clothes, taking out the garbage, among other things). I helped since he was a new born. In the afternoons I helped with the older kids (feeding dinner, cleaning the kitchen, getting them ready for bed and putting them to bed). If the parents were with them I went back to help with the 6 month old baby. On the weekends I was in charge of waking up the two big kids, getting them ready, preparing breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner (only for the kids) and being with them while they eat, as well as helping with light housework in between times, playing with them or doing activities, bathing them, getting them ready at night and going to sleep. In case the parents go out with the big ones I am with the baby. And of course, playing and doing fun activities with them, going for walks, to the park, reading, etc. Kids ages when I left, Girl 4, Boy 2, Boy 6 months

Reasons for Leaving

Burnout, I felt like my experience and quality of work wasn't valued. Excessive control and demands from mom. But I told the family I left because of personal situations, I was moving with my boyfriend cause he was moving out of state or possibly international for a job opportunity. I said this because I tried talking to them about finding a new agreement among salary and hours but it wasn't very easy to talk to them about that, they said it was fair and more than enough. I worked 50 hours, 1 day off, for $700 a week. They mentioned it was because of the live in situation (rent/food) but asking other nannies they told me that is not how live ins should be paid.

We ended up in good terms, they're very nice people I just think a bit hard to work with. They know I was going to look for different live out full job opportunities and they are ok in being my reference, just if you could be possible just not to mention I'm looking for a live in job, I would think they could get upset and I would be worried as one of my current families they wouldn't agree in being my reference again. Because I really did a great job with them, it was just the situation that couldn't continue for longer :( I got really attached to the kids and them to me, it was really hard but finally I was emotionally/mentally exhausted and had to leave before it was harder on me :/

Family Name

Nohemí & Luis Vielma

Jun 1, 2012


May 1, 2014

Job Description

• Care for three children ages 2, 5 and 7 years old / Second year another 10 year old (4 kids total)
• Took the children to and from school and extra-curricular activities.
• Handled various basic household duties depending upon current needs.
• Cared for children, assisted with homework, cooked meals, did laundry, and drove children to and from destinations.

Reasons for Leaving

They were just in the US for this period of time for their kids to learn English, after this period we both went back to Mexico.

Job Experience

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