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Maria Luz Rivarola

Nanny, Housekeeper, Baby Nurse

I am a European immigrant daughter, my parents are from Positano, Italy, and San Sebastian, Spain, but I was born in Argentina.

I went to the University of Buenos Aires and achieved a Master's Degree in Art History and Psychology.
I've been a nanny/ educator for the last 25 years.

Education & Training

High School

Business High School


The University of Buenos Aires.
History of Arts Degree.
Psychology degree.

Special Training

Volunteer at Montessori school.
Currently, study a degree in Development Childhood Education.

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Performance Arts

Other Interests

Horse riding, yoga, and cooking.

Maria Luz Rivarola

Family Name

Dolby Family

May 1, 2011


Feb 15, 2021

Job Description

Sole care.
Educational Research.
School choice.
Doctors' appointments and follow-ups.
International /domestic travel private /commercial.
Nutrition guide and cooking.
Special Events gathering for the family, menus, and catering.
Social Events with girls such as Opera, Museum, and family business meetings.

Reasons for Leaving

We grew up with each other, and they became independent girls.

Family Name

GT’s Dave Family

Jan 1, 2021


Jul 31, 2021

Job Description

Fully charge care(24/7)—rotational four days.
Vegetarian diet.
Educational guide and support.
Doctors' appointments and follow-ups.
Holistic pediatrician guide and special nutrition diet.

Reasons for Leaving

Schedule and routines charge entirely.

Family Name

Alonso Family

Oct 1, 2005


Nov 30, 2009

Job Description

House assistant. Supervisor of all vendors.
Food purchase and preparation.
Catering for special events.
Travel, booking, packaging.
Boys' educational programs.
School activities ( drop/pickups)
Doctors and any other appointments.

Reasons for Leaving

My mother was diagnosed with cancer, and I left to care for her.

Job Experience

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