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Margaux Hoffmann

Nanny, Personal Assistant

I CAN HELP WITH: Cooking, Keeping home tidy, Laundry, Driving, Run errands, Homework, making appointments and event planning @WORK: I like to keep the environment safe,
fun and always look for learning
opportunities for for the kids. I can be a kid at heart, but serious
and strict when I need to

Education & Training

High School

Sankt Liebfrauen Gymnasium


IU internationale University
Bachelor in Psychology

Special Training

Volunteer work with kids with special needs

CPR and First aid certified

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training

First Aid


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Singing, being in nature, going to the beach, cooking and baking

Margaux Hoffmann

Family Name

Kila Rotkappe ( German Preschool for kids with special needs: autism, diabetes, etc.)

Jun 1, 2020


May 31, 2021

Job Description

Volunteered for one year with special needs children (Autism, etc.), including those with learning disabilities, mental challenges and physical impairments.
• Solved severe child behavioral issues in positive and constructive ways. Maintained daily records of children's individual activities, behaviors, meals and naps.
Created and implemented developmentally appropriate curriculum that addresses al learning styles.
. Distributed quarterly educational assessments, similar to report cards to each parent, upon lead teacher's absence.
Supervised children on field trips to local parks, fire stations and zoos.

Reasons for Leaving

The voluntary year was over and I had a new job opportunity.

Family Name

Jessica Gale, Sunny Dubey

Jul 19, 2021


May 6, 2022

Job Description

Took care of their lovely amazing son named Henry, when I started he was 6 months old.
They moved freshly from New York City to Berlin.
I tool care of Henry 50 hours a week, did tummy time, took him on walks and to playgrounds and sang to him, while helping his parents who became friends to be adjust to Germany.

Reasons for Leaving

Henry started going to preschool fulltime, therefore there was no need for me to help besides date nights. Shortly after I got a new job opportunity in California and moved to Los Angeles.

Family Name

Margallete and Tom Francke

Jul 18, 2022


Job Description

Margallete and Tom and their kids have been by far the greatest experience I have ever had to work for and live with, they truly made me feel like I’m part of their family. All of us not just the kids are very attached to each other and I‘m sad I won’t be living with them anymore I’m the future.
Kai the youngest was 5 months old when I started and Aura 4 years old and Dean was 7. We had the best time together and I hope I’ll find something like that again in the future.

Reasons for Leaving

Kai starts attending day care so they won’t be needing me that much anymore. I‘m also interested in either getting my own place or working as a live in again if everything aligns.

Job Experience

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