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Margarita Tucker

Nanny, Housekeeper, Baby Nurse

My name is Margarita Tucker born in El Salvador, mother of 2 growing children. I leave independly in the area of Alhambra/Pasadena. I'm a USA Citizen since the 80' . I have the opportunity to work thru the years with different families and I'm ready to offer my BEST to my new family.

Education & Training

High School

Colegio Divina Providencia


University Jose Simeon Cañas Some classes El Salvador ( my Country)

Special Training

Long Beach CA Technical School for Counseling.
Director of a Shelter for Homeless Women and Children.
ESL School District of Chicago Illinois
Volunteer U.S. Chaplain International. Mber of a Volunteer International Association.
Queens Care Heath Centers
Volunteer Member of the Board of Directors

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training

First Aide, Newborn Care Specialists, Doula, Bilingual Teacher Assistant, Certified Counselor. ESL Teacher


Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Dance, reading, walking, travel, teach Spanish

Margarita Tucker

Family Name

Julia and Jon Moss Levedev

May 11, 2016


Dec 31, 2021

Job Description

Care for 2 children from Newborn and 3 years old
Responsible for everything related to both children also was in charge of sleep training, meals preparation, bottle feeds, baths, teach the children Spanish was talk to them the mayority of the time in Spanish per family request and introducing to music and dance in spanish and prepare some spanish meals for there children and family, laundry, drive children for different activities, encourage safe and positive behavior, travel with the family Domestic and a lot trips International long let's of times out of California was in charge when we travels with everything related with there children also offer flexibility of my time to stay extra time during the week or if that need me occasionally on weekends but available to work 24/7 when we traveling. Light housekeeping also sleep over when parents was traveling stay with children at home.

Reasons for Leaving

Stay with this Beautiful family around 7 years reason to leave was children are older now and they are full time at the school and just need now few hours a day and I need full time job. I miss them so much.

Family Name

Dotolo Hendler

May 1, 2009


Mar 15, 2016

Job Description

In charge everything related with the 2 boys, bottle feed, assisted mom with breastfeeding, sleep trainning, meals fir the children, driving children to school and different activities, bathing, playing, art activities, teach the children Spanish, occasionally traveling. Flexible to stay extra time when family need it, light housekeeping.

Reasons for Leaving

Children grow up and move with another family. Was not need full time just few hours a day.
I miss them.

Family Name

Karatz Family

Jun 7, 2002


Apr 8, 2009

Job Description

I was in charge of everything related to there chikd. I took care him since a little baby I prepared meals for him. Prepared activities, walking, laundry, baths, signing to him, and teach him Spanish. Available for extra time and travel for the family when need it. Work Monday thru friday but Available when need it to me to cover those days or when we travel. Responsable for everything for the baby when was Newborn thru 7 years old.

Reasons for Leaving

Ready to star full time at school. Was very hard for me to live this beautiful family.

Job Experience

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