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Maia Tarin

Nanny, Chef, Personal Assistant, Driver

My name is Maia. I am a single mother of two incredible teenagers.
I am in awe of nature and all things living. My "outside the box" way of thinking , makes me extremely resourceful and good to have around in emergencies. Creating is my passion, I am an artist of many mediums.

Education & Training

High School

Agoura High School, CA


Santa Monica College -general education, photography and sustainability

Special Training

Notary Public
Trained Massage Therapist
Communication Coach

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training

As a registered Notary Public, I have been Live-scanned


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Performance Arts

Other Interests

hiking, swimming, cooking (vegetarian), naturopathic & food as medicine, photography, reading, self growth, meditation, yoga , story telling, very into people and what makes them happy.

Maia Tarin

Family Name


Jan 23, 2015


Apr 30, 2017

Job Description

•Oversaw personal and professional calendars and coordinated appointments for future events.
•Maintained appropriate filing of personal and professional documentation.
•Responded to emails and other correspondence to facilitate communication and enhance business processes.
•Arranged domestic and international travel plans and itineraries.
•Produced accurate office files, updated spreadsheets and crafted presentations
•Organized clients' homes prior to arrival home and performed house-sitting duties.
•Managed pet care, phone screening, shopping and bill paying to provide clients with premium family time.
•Picked up and dropped off clients at airport.
•Displayed absolute discretion at handling confidential information.

Reasons for Leaving

made NYC permanent location, i could not relocate

Family Name


Feb 5, 2010


Jun 4, 2018

Job Description

Support with morning routine, bedtime routine etc.
Scheduling appointments (medical/playdates etc.)
Taught swimming lessons
Cooking (usually for children and occasionally the whole family)
art projects
outings etc.

Reasons for Leaving

they needed less help.
continued to babysit 2015-2018 when they left the country.

Family Name


Jan 8, 2004


Nov 3, 2006

Job Description

Was originally hired to drive the boys and light household errands.
After a year, the boys became of driving age, I became NJ's home personal assistant.
Household errands, organizing, making appointments, walking & feeding the dogs, and occasionally watching the boys.

Reasons for Leaving

Wanted to be home with my small children.

Job Experience

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