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Lucrecia Fabiola López Ramaz


I'm Fabi ( Fabiola ). I'm from Guatemala , I'm very energetic Nanny, I love the outdoors activities.

Education & Training

High School



Graduated in Hospitality Management in Jacksonville Fl.

Special Training

Special training in hotel management.
For kids CPR

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Lucrecia Fabiola López Ramaz

Family Name

Borba Family

Nov 6, 2022


Aug 16, 2022

Job Description

Nanny, laundry for kids, preparation meals, driving to school and parks.

Reasons for Leaving

Kids will star school after summer and they won't need me full time .

Family Name

Saadian Family

Mar 4, 2022


Oct 20, 2022

Job Description

Nanny, laundry kids, meal for kids, fun outdoor activities .

Reasons for Leaving

They were looking for a Live-in Nanny I was not feasible at the time .

Family Name

Oden Family

Jan 28, 2008


Jan 2, 2022

Job Description

I started with the new born ( three weeks old ) thru 13 years old and second new born baby girl until 4 yes old .
I took care of the kids , cooking light cleaning , errands, driving to school, etc.

Reasons for Leaving

The reason I leave the family is because due the pandemic the decided to move to New Zealand .

Job Experience

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