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Nanny, Personal Assistant

I was born and raised in North Hollywood. My parents are Salvadoran and I grew up speaking to them only in Spanish. I have one younger brother. I live with my family which includes my 2 cats Willow and Kai. In my free time I love to be in nature or get into creative art projects.

Education & Training

High School

Ulysses S. Grant HS


Los Angeles Valley College, Valley Village, CA - 3 years - AA

Special Training

CPR/First Aid Certified. Excellent Swimmer. Camp Counselor in 2019. Jewelry Crafter.

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training

Waldorf Classes.


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Jewelry Crafting, Swimming, Animals.


Family Name

The Chan's

Apr 15, 2022


Jul 31, 2022

Job Description

Fixing meals with formula and solids. Toddler was highly allergic to alot of things so constant monitoring of food & physical reactions to new things. Bottle cleaning/sterilizing. Washing baby laundry. Keeping 2 day naps on schedule. Daily stroller rides, diaper changing, reading, speaking in spanish, & creative play.

Reasons for Leaving

Their sons allergies to the heat caused them to move to a cooler region.

Family Name

The Stutz'

Jan 1, 2022


Apr 1, 2022

Job Description

Diaper changing. Baby feeding (breast milk/formula). Bottle cleaning/sterilizing, bathing, naps, encouraging monthly milestones, daily stroller rides, reading, speaking in spanish. Toddler school pick ups with baby. Preparing snacks, creative play, & nap time for older sibling. Bedtime routines with both children. Household chores, light cleaning, & helping parents with a variety of projects.

Reasons for Leaving

They needed someone on payroll and I was ultimately looking to be paid in cash.

Family Name

Marc & Jessica

Feb 28, 2019


Nov 30, 2019

Job Description

Week was split between 2 households. School pick ups/drop off to various sports/activities. Homework help. Meal/snack prep. Arranged play dates & activities for children during school breaks. Stepped in for parent involvement activities. Lots of imaginative play, art projects, swimming, scooters, etc. Bedtime routines. Light cleaning.

Reasons for Leaving

Was looking to make a career change.

Job Experience

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