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Karen Enriquez


I have been called kind caring and generous and have been known for wearing my heart on my sleeve to a fault. Maybe it’s the Taurus in me.
Family means the world to me and I absolutely love taking care of those around me.


Education & Training

High School

Santa Monica high school


Santa Monica collage on an off since 2011 it’s hard to finish nursing cause I need to work.

Special Training


Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training

Special education courses


Arts & Crafts

Other Interests

I like CrossFit but do to been hard I have injure myself a couple times so for now just the gym. To keep me active

Karen Enriquez

Family Name

Cabantog Miquel

Jan 10, 2023


Mar 17, 2023

Job Description

Attending to the babies needs
Feed him , changing diapers, putting baby to sleep. Doing babies laundry and anything related to the babies needs.

Reasons for Leaving

I am looking for something long term and this was just for a few weeks to help out mom

Family Name


Oct 1, 2015


Dec 20, 2021

Job Description

Making breakfast for the kids , taking them to school , picking up from school making kids lunch. Taking them to various activities , soccer, ballet , tennis. Staying over night if parents were away. Kids laundry and picking up after messes kids and I did.

Reasons for Leaving

Mark the father found a job in Colorado so they were moving and in all honesty kids were older that didn’t need to be taken care by me at all.

Family Name


Nov 6, 2012


Dec 5, 2014

Job Description

The baby was 3 months old when I started working with them so take care of the baby as well for freyja which was 3 years of Age
I help keep the house clean whatever mess that was by me or kids I make sure I clean it. I sped most of my day with the kids which meant that I cook all 3 meals for them as well as giving them baths.

Reasons for Leaving

My needs change and I needed a a different job so I gave them my notice but we are still friend and in contact over the years. The kids are teenagers now.

Job Experience

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