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Flor Santos


I am 48 years old, very active. Love to do yoga, bike around the beach, hike, loves to cook . I am from El Salvador.

Education & Training

High School



Child development certified
Newborn care specialist certified

Special Training

Child development. Newborn care specialist

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training

First aid


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Flor Santos

Family Name


Jun 5, 2000


Jul 10, 2009

Job Description

Helped mother with special care needed with babies. Planned activities to courage the children to grow emotionally and socially. Took care of children when. Parents went on vacation/business trips, provide 24 hour care form2 weeks at the time. While also traveling with the family if need it.

Reasons for Leaving

They move to another state.

Family Name


May 4, 2009


Jul 14, 2014

Job Description

Worked with 3 boys 9,6 and 18 months at the time of employment responsable for coordínate after-school activities while providing transportation . Aided the two older boys with appropriate jobs such a implementing chores.

Reasons for Leaving

Mother started working from home. Didn’t need me anymore.

Family Name


Mar 3, 2014


Jul 6, 2020

Job Description

Took care of three children .two from
Birth. Implemented sleep training and schedule that promote rest, learning and play. I provide a safe environment to promote emotional and social growth.

Reasons for Leaving

Pandemic .

Job Experience

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