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Facit Tarin


I believe in taking time to cultivate a relationship of care, where the children feel valued and seen. Engage in activities that favor imagination and empowerment not screen time. Encourage self expression and self awareness creating a positive relationship to their emotional and physiological being

Education & Training

High School

Century High School, Westlake, CA


Santa Monica City College, Santa Monica, CA

Special Training


Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Arts & Crafts

Other Interests

Facit Tarin

Family Name


Feb 1, 2016


Dec 31, 2017

Job Description

After school care
Meal prep
Help with school work
Games and activities (nerf battles)
Bedtime routines

Reasons for Leaving

Kids were old enough to take care of themselves.

Family Name


Apr 4, 2019


Jul 27, 2019

Job Description

3 Children 9mo, 2y, 4
Balancing care between the 3, setting up activities that engage the older two that I can observe while caring for the smallest who was not yet walking.
Live in caregiver, helping with morning and bedtime routines.
Daily outdoor activities.
Helping with grocery shopping, meals, preparing snacks.
Escort to and from daycare.

Reasons for Leaving

They only needed someone temporarily

Family Name


May 1, 2015


Jun 30, 2015

Job Description

2 children, 6y and 10y.
Developed bilingual abilities in English through immersive conversation and activities.
Kept children's areas neat and clean.
Played games, did crafts, and cooked together.
Kept the children company and entertained at events and outings. School drop off and pick up.
Live in care, helping with morning and bedtime routines.

Reasons for Leaving

Single mother needed extra help while she promoted her book

Job Experience

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