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Estrella Linares

Nanny, Personal Assistant

My name is Estrella Linares. Excited to start my journey with a new family. I am 33 years old . I am bilingual. I Speak fluent Spanish, and I really enjoy working with families and kids of all ages. Here to help to maintain your home and the every day child’s needs. Can’t wait to meet you!

Education & Training

High School

Royal High


Moorpark College. Associate Degree

Special Training

I took a sleep tracing course with a night nurse. And my associates I majored in Child Development and Social Sciences.

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Performance Arts

Other Interests

Estrella Linares

Family Name

Lobel Family

Aug 1, 2013


Dec 1, 2015

Job Description

I started working with the Lobel family part-time as a household cleaning helper. I slowly would offer to stay overtime to play with kids and do after school activities. After working for 1 year they no longer wanted me to clean . I started organizing kids rooms playrooms and when kids would arrive from school I would have a snack and an afternoon schedule to keep busy until dinner time. Loved working with them . Brought so much knowledge to my life. I continue to have a relationship with them.

Reasons for Leaving

I stopped working with family because They started school and they had a live in nanny. I continued to cover weekend sometimes.

Family Name

Maslow Family

Jan 1, 2016


Jun 1, 2017

Job Description

I worked for the Maslow family anywhere from 40-50 hours a week. I arrived to do school drop offs and would do grocery shopping for the week , light cooking and organizing house. I enjoyed spending time with their baby boy, reading, painting and outside play. They were a great family to work for .

Reasons for Leaving

I stopped working for Maslow family fue to my grandmother getting sick and needing full time care. They were very understanding and thanked me for the time spent with them.

Family Name

Manson Family

Jan 1, 2019


Mar 13, 2020

Job Description

With the Manson Family I would arrive early am and help with morning routine and do school drop off. I would help with laundry organizing and prepping dinner, while the LO was napping. We would do a walk and activities before school pick up. Would do after school activities with girls and came home to do dinner and baths .

Reasons for Leaving

Due to Covid

Job Experience

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