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Dinora Chavez


Im a nanny for over 25 years love working with babies and children to school age i love outdoor activities arts and crafts doing activities age realted of course

Education & Training

High School

Belmont high school


Valley college

Special Training

Child development child psychology and child development

Additional Training

CPR Training, Nurses Aid

Other Training



Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Dinora Chavez

Family Name

Scott & Langley Rosenburg

May 15, 2015


Sep 10, 2019

Job Description

I started when bowie was 6 weeks them hes sister was born i bottle feed them potty train him and did activietis outting park

Reasons for Leaving

Children in school dull time

Family Name

Audra & Alan reed

Oct 26, 2019


Dec 17, 2021

Job Description

Everett was 8 months old when i started i bottle feed her introduce her to solids cooking home made foods we did activities age related classes museun and got her potty train and ready for school

Reasons for Leaving

She started school full time

Family Name

Christen &Mathew Johnson

Jan 17, 2022


Mar 2, 2023

Job Description

I started with edward at 8 moths of age. Bottle feed feed him home made foods we did activities outings arts and crafts
Prepared him for school by socializing him

Reasons for Leaving

He starts school full time in april

Job Experience

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