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claudia vasquez

Nanny, Baby Nurse, Personal Assistant, Driver

I am a happy and positive person, I like to listen and learn new things everday. I believe a lot in organization being the key and I believe I have leader skills, I am confident and understandable, as well as I work well under pressure.

Education & Training

High School

High School Diplomant GED



Special Training

CNA Certification Nurse Assistent

Additional Training

CPR Training, Nurses Aid

Other Training


Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests


claudia vasquez

Family Name

Harkaham Hillel Hebrew Academic

Jan 4, 2010


Dec 19, 2016

Job Description

helper prepared food in the school

Reasons for Leaving

the person working helper for new job and more benefic

Family Name

Home Care Agency

Jan 2, 2017


Dec 6, 2021

Job Description

working help all activity living for person in private home
driving for appoiment with doctor
organized home medicine

Reasons for Leaving

For Covid and the schueld the have diferent time and day because the company working 24 hours and 7 day at week

Family Name

pop bagel

Feb 1, 2022


Apr 3, 2023

Job Description

helper prepared bagel

Reasons for Leaving

actual job

Job Experience

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