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Carla Lizeth Grajeda

Nanny, Baby Nurse

I am a responsable, reliable, motivated and energetic , happily engage with babies and children during play and patiently interacted Nanny and NCS , I'm a CPR , FIRST AID CERTIFIED, NCS, SLEEP TRAINER. Educated in New born studies and Child development 0-5 years old. Fluent English and Spanish.

Education & Training

High School

Accounting in EL porvenir , Guatemala, C.A.



Special Training


Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Arts & Crafts

Other Interests

Carla Lizeth Grajeda

Family Name


Sep 29, 2020


Apr 5, 2024

Job Description

Full-time nanny for a newborn baby
Responsibilities include keeping the baby on a scheduled routine for her feeding, diaper changes, and nap times as well as providing stimulating age-appropriate activities, such as going for walks and playtime, and cooking healthy meals for the child. Additionally, I was responsible for washing babies' bottles and clothing, as well as keeping her room organized. Now that the child is older, responsibilities include driving her to extracurricular activities such as the gym, park, library, and music class. I also assist with potty training, feeding, and day-to-day toddler activities.

Reasons for Leaving

The family is relocating to the state of Texas on June 1st.

Family Name


Oct 22, 2023


Dec 31, 2023

Job Description

Overnight, on Fridays and Saturdays as an NCS for a one-month-old infant with acid reflux. Responsibilities included feeding the infant every 3 hours, changing diapers, sleep training, and creating a safe environment for the infant. Additionally, my responsibilities included swaddling the infant and rocking him back to sleep after scheduled feeding times.

Reasons for Leaving

Temporary NCS position. Left once the baby was sleep-trained.

Family Name


Nov 10, 2009


Sep 26, 2020

Job Description

Full-time nanny for a newborn baby. Responsibilities included attending to her well-being as an infant, maintaining her calendar as she grew older, driving her to extracurricular activities and school, participating in play and learning activities at home, parks, and libraries, making her meals as requested by her family, and washing her clothes. Keep her toys organized.

Reasons for Leaving

After 11 years of working with this family, her mother got a work-from-home job and no longer needed extra help.

Job Experience

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