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Avana França Salles


My name is Avana Salles, I am 32 years old, from Brazil. I am looking for a live in position in the city.

About my experience working with children, I have over four years of experience working with children from 5 months old to 14 years old.

I was an au pair for 2 years to an amazing family.

Education & Training

High School

Colégio Ecco


Faculdade Casper Líbero - Journalism

Special Training

Child Nutrition- Stanford Online Classes
Sleep Trainner - Stanford Online Classes

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Performance Arts

Other Interests

Equestrian lessons

Avana França Salles

Family Name

Gross Family

Sep 27, 2015


Sep 27, 2018

Job Description

Au pair of a couple of twins since 11 months until 3 years old. Taking care of them 10 hours day, including changing diapers, bathing, preparing meals, nap time and sleep training. Supervising them and helping with education, teaching walk, first words.
I was a mentor for them.

Reasons for Leaving

They went to daycare

Family Name

RB Ranch Equestrian Lessons

Feb 5, 2020


Jul 6, 2022

Job Description

Teaching kids since 4 years old to 12 years old western equestrian lessons in a ranch located in Barretos, Brazil.

Reasons for Leaving

Come back to America

Family Name

Shelter Casa da criança nossa senhora auxiliadora

Jan 5, 2015


Jun 10, 2015

Job Description

Volunteer in a Children’s Shelter in São Paulo, Brazil. Taking care of newborns and infants on a adoption system.
Taking care of babies since 3 months till 2 years old. Activies: feeding them and preparing food. Bathing and changing diapers. Organizing activities es with them and playing in group.

Reasons for Leaving

Job Experience

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