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Aracely Lopez


My name is Aracely Lopez , I am 53 years old , I have over 20 years of experience as a child caregiver my mission is to provide compassionate and nurturing care for your child and the piece of mind that your family deserves.

Education & Training

High School

Van Nuys High School



Special Training

Not applicable

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Aracely Lopez

Family Name


Mar 15, 2021


Feb 2, 2024

Job Description

Provided full-time care and nurturing for child from age 2 onward. Managed daily routines,
including meals, activities, and bedtime. Facilitated education and recreational activities to promote learning and creativity. Maintained a tidy and organized living space to a child- friendly environment.

Reasons for Leaving

Child was of age where my services were no longer required and agreed upon by parents and myself.

Family Name


Jul 2, 2018


Mar 13, 2021

Job Description

Provided full-time care and child development from 3 months onward. Managed daily routines, tasks and specialized curated diets per parent’s request. Cultivated a strong bond of trust and companionship with the child.

Reasons for Leaving

They decided to relocated , commute distance for me wasn't good unfortunately.

Family Name


Jun 17, 2013


Jun 27, 2018

Job Description

Provided full-time care of two children. An 8 month old onward and continuing care onto a
newborn onward. Managed daily routines and tasks. Provided light housekeeping.

Reasons for Leaving

Seeking new opportunities to better support personal financial goals .

Job Experience

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