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Aracely Ayala


My name is Aracely Ayala I’m from El Salvador, I have 3 grown Children and Have work babysitter and Nany cense I was 20 year’s old I like been with children. I also have take Child development classes to learn Children behavior.

Education & Training

High School

El Salvador


Pierce College 12 units of Child development classes

Special Training

Pierce College

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Arts & Crafts, Music

Other Interests

Aracely Ayala

Family Name

Heather and Marshall Lewy

Feb 9, 2016


Jul 30, 2022

Job Description

I started to work with the Lewy family when they had 2 Children a girl and a boy and two more children came after this was a family of four children. My job was take the kids two school and activities after school also the time the kids were and school I take care of the baby. I really enjoyed being with them

Reasons for Leaving

The Lewy Family move to Pennsylvania

Family Name

Katherine Barrio

Sep 2, 2014


Sep 26, 2015

Job Description

Take kids to school and take care of the baby

Reasons for Leaving

They move to Taho

Family Name

Michelle Cristenson

Sep 6, 2011


Jul 26, 2014

Job Description

Take care of the kid’s, take them to activities, park

Reasons for Leaving

Kid’s start school

Job Experience

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