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Ana Garcia


My name is Ana Garcia, I was born in Mexico City. I came to America when I was 17 years-old. I started working cleaning houses and offices, on my free time I used to babysit kids (for people from my church). I've worked as a housekeeper for many families and truly love to clean.

Education & Training

High School

GED Certification


two semesters of general education at Santa Monica College.

Special Training

Post Partum Doula certification.
Placenta Encapsulation specialist certification.
Dressmaker certification.

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Music

Other Interests

Ana Garcia

Family Name

Berger Family

Aug 5, 2014


Aug 22, 2022

Job Description

My duties consisted primordial in the care of the 3 kids. I started this job when the oldest girl was 3 months old. I took care of everything related to the baby, feeding her, changing diapers, cleaning everything regarding the baby. Helped the parents to transition from bottle-feeding to solids, puttee baby on a schedule, when the baby had her naps, cooking food for the baby, taking and driving the little girl to classes, doctor appointments, play dates, I also help the family organizing their closets, pantry, taking care of the indoor plants, caring for the dog. when the second baby arrived I had to care for the new baby and the toddler and the sea happen with the third baby arrive.

Reasons for Leaving

The kids have grown and my schedule is changing, I would like a morning cleaning job.

Family Name

Petrocelli Family

Apr 12, 2011


Jul 1, 2014

Job Description

My duties in this job consisted in detail cleaning every room of the house including a cabana adjacent of the house, pay special attention to the marble bathrooms, chrome fixtures, crystal wash and and all delicate art in the house. I took care of the family dog , walking, feeding, playing and cleaning after him.

Reasons for Leaving

I left this employment because the hours were not enough and they had another housekeeper in the afternoon and the time was cover by her.

Family Name

Kern Family

Mar 2, 2010


Jul 10, 2010

Job Description

My duties with the Kern Family consisted of deep cleaning the entire house, taking care of all the art and very delicate crystal, taking care of the house whole laundry and ironing , my responsibilities switch from taking care of the children in all their needs including driving them to an from school, after school classes, sports, therapies, play dates, also part of my responsibilities were taking care of the dogs, running errands, grocery shopping, interacting with regulars in the house as handy man, electrician, dog groomers, etc.

Reasons for Leaving

After 8 years working for the Kern family I had the opportunity to start working and helping mothers and newborns as a Doula. I decided to take a break as a housekeeper.

Job Experience

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