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Alexandra Hunter

Nanny, Personal Assistant


My name is Alex Hunter.
I am 42 years old. And I’ve been working with children for over 15 years.
I’ve been beyond blessed to have worked with wonderful families and still have great relationship with them.

I have a two and a half year old girl, who is my entire life and universe.

Education & Training

High School

Santa Monica



Special Training

Child Development
Legal Interpreter

Additional Training

CPR Training

Other Training


Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Performance Arts

Other Interests

Outdoor activities and always willing to learn something new

Alexandra Hunter

Family Name

Michael Lafetra

Oct 1, 2022


Jan 4, 2024

Job Description

Absolute care of both children.
Prepare meals
Drive them to activities, doctor, school.
Set up play dates

Reasons for Leaving

Still employed

Family Name

Natalie Mahieu

Jan 1, 2018


Sep 17, 2022

Job Description

Full time care of two baby boy twins.
From 2 months old until toddlers.
Preparing meals
Constant supervision during sleeping times
Drive them to activities, doctor appointments

Reasons for Leaving

Family moved to Chicago.
Mom got transfer to work at a hospital in Chicago.
They asked me to joined them but at the time I wasn’t able to go.
I still visit and keep a great relationship with them.

Family Name

Bobby Shriver

Aug 3, 2015


Jul 31, 2018

Job Description

Full care of their only daughter.
Preparing meals
Set up play dates, doctors appointments

Reasons for Leaving

Family moved to Wyoming. This is a high profile family. Their main priority was to keep Rosemary safe and to have her grow up in a different environment.

Job Experience

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